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  • Almost ChristmasAlmost Christmas : a wesleyan advent experience

    Devega, Magrey R. (et al)

    4 Sessions/ In John Wesley’s famous sermon, "The Almost Christian," he encouraged people to follow Christ wholeheartedly. In Almost Christmas: A Wesleyan Advent Experience, author and pastor Magrey deVega leads a group of authors in exploring how we can make the same commitment to Christ during Advent, and connect our Wesleyan heritage with the traditional Advent themes of Love, Hope, Joy, and Peace. Additional components for a four-week study include a DVD and a comprehensive Leader Guide, as well as Nativity hymns by Charles Wesley, litanies for lighting the Advent wreath, and prayers that can be incorporated into both worship and small group settings. A daily devotional and a Youth Study Book are also available.

  • How Happiness HappensHow Happiness Happens : finding lasting joy in a world of camparison, disappointment, and unmet expectations

    Lucado, Max.

    6 Sessions/ Bestselling author Max Lucado looks at several "one another" statements in the Bible that reveal how the happiest people on earth aren't those who have the most but those who are willing to give the most away. While everyone craves happiness, and everyone benefits from it, the sad reality is that fewer people today are finding it. We have more possessions than ever before, better access to education, and greater advancements in technology and medicine. Yet the majority of us can't find an adequate reason to check the "yes""box on a happiness questionnaire. God wants to bring joy to the people of this generation, and in his Word, he has given us practical and applicable ways to quarry that joy by giving it away. In this study, group members will look at several key "one another" statements given in the New Testament and discover how to make happiness happen in their lives. They will discover that while the world can be a lonely and disappointing place, they can be God's representatives to bring about a cascade of kindness. While we cannot solve every problem, we can bring a few smiles to a few faces. In this way, we might even initiate a quiet revolution of joy.

  • From Heaven to EarthFrom Heaven to Earth : christmas for new believers, old believers, and nonbelievers

    Cantrell, Wil and Paul Seay.

    5 Sessions/ From Heaven To Earth invites you to discover afresh the truth behind all our beloved Christmas traditions. In this study, authors Wil Cantrell and Paul Seay invite readers to consider the foundational questions about the Christmas story: Did it really happen? And what does it truly mean? By taking seriously the witness of scripture, the questions of skeptics, and the faith of billions of Christians across thousands of year, Cantrell and Seay provide an engaging guide in which readers will experience an in-depth look into what we know about the world of Mary and Joseph from the Biblical record and other historical documents as well as a challenge to consider the difference Jesus' birth makes for our lives today.

  • Light of the WorldLight of the World : a beginner's guide to advent

    Levinw, Amy-Jill.

    4 Sessions/ In Light of the World: A Beginner’s Guide to Advent, author, professor, and biblical scholar Amy-Jill Levine explores the biblical texts surrounding the story of the birth of Jesus. Join her as she traces the Christmas narrative through the stories of Zechariah and Elizabeth, Mary, the journey to Bethlehem, and the visit from the Magi. These stories open conversations around connections of the Gospel stories to the Old Testament, the role of women in first-century Jewish culture, the importance of Mary’s visitation and the revolutionary implications of Mary’s Magnificat, the census and the stable, and the star of Bethlehem and the flight to Egypt.

  • The Gift of the NutcrackerThe Gift of the Nutcracker

    Rawle, Matt.

    4 Sessions/ The Nutcracker is a delightful and whimsical Christmas classic that children and adults look forward to every year. First performed in 1892, the music, dance, and story of this classic hold a special place in our cultural Christmas celebrations. In The Gift of the Nutcracker, Matt Rawle, author of The Redemption of Scrooge, explores the story to help us understand God’s greatest gift of the Christ child, and the kingdom Christ came to establish.

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