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  • Enough (Stewardship Program)Enough (Stewardship Program) : discovering joy through simplicity and generosity

    Hamilton, Adam.

    Church leaders are struggling to help their congregations respond to the violent ebb and flow of the economy. While their members are simply trying to stay afloat financially, the budget of their church is suffering as well. In the midst of all of this, though, there is God and a divine calling for each of us. With Enough Stewardship Program Guide, Adam Hamilton offers a simple campaign that will transform how the church and individuals view the role of money in connection with their life’s purpose and the positive impact that transformation will have on the world.

  • EnoughEnough : discovering joy through simplicity and generosity

    Hamilton, Adam.

    4 Sessions/ Money has great power in our lives and when used wisely helps us meet our goals, provide for our needs, and fulfill our life purpose. In recent years we've found ourselves spending more, but the result was not greater happiness and satisfaction, but greater stress and anxiety. Find the keys to experiencing contentment, overcoming fear, and discovering joy through simplicity and generosity in this 5 session study. Included is a bonus segment: To Be a Blessing, the story of a real life blessing.

  • A Disciple's PathA Disciple's Path : deepening your relationship with christ and the church

    Harnish, James.

    6 Sessions/ Combining a Wesleyan understanding of our growth in God’s love and grace with the time-tested practices of spiritual discipline as expressed in the membership vows to uphold the church with our presence, prayers, gifts, service, and witness, participants will discover the difference it makes to live out their commitment to Christ through membership in the United Methodist Church. They will learn that being a disciple means loving God and loving others, and they will be equipped to do that by discovering their unique gifts and becoming engaged in ministry that also brings transformation in their own hearts and lives through the love and grace of Jesus Christ. This study would be appropriate for new members, or for a small group study. The Kit contains all components necessary to assist leaders in conducting a successful study or congregational-wide program including the Companion Reader, the Daily Workbook, the Leader’s Program Guide with CD-ROM and samples of all the ancillary products.

  • UnafraidUnafraid : living with courage and hope in uncertain times

    Hamilton, Adam.

    5 Sessions/ For anyone struggling with fear, worry, or anxiety, or who wonders how families and communities can live as peacemakers in troubled times, Unafraid offers an informed and inspiring message full of practical solutions. Trusted pastor and bestselling author Adam Hamilton draws on the latest research, therapeutic insights, biblical principles, and personal experience to untangle the knots of fear and truly embrace Jesus's recurring counsel to his followers: "Do not be afraid." As a leading voice in the progressive tradition, Hamilton communicates with grace and understanding to a wide and inclusive audience in accessible language that will ring true regardless of one's religious conviction.

  • The Rewritten LifeThe Rewritten Life : When God Changes Your Story

    LaGrone, Jessica.

    6 Sessions/ The Rewritten Life, based on author Jessica LaGrone’s popular Namesake Bible study, is perfect for any small group looking for a powerful and practical biblical study designed for today’s busy groups. Six readable chapters explore the transformational power of God through the stories of people in the Bible whose lives—and names—were changed forever by God. As you meet Abraham and Sarah, Jacob, Naomi, Daniel, Peter and an unnamed woman, you will discover how God rewrote their stories giving them new names and identities that were in line with God’s call on their lives. In her own dynamic and engaging teaching style, LaGrone connects the biblical stories to our own lives, showing us that God wants us to be just as intimately involved in rewriting our stories so that we may become and do all that God has planned for us—all for God’s glory.

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