Faith for Exiles

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Faith for Exiles : five ways for a new generation to follow jesus in digital babylon

Kinnaman, David and Mark Matlock.

Baker Books, 2019.


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Discover What's Working and Find Hope
Negative perceptions. Church dropouts. Prodigals and nomads. It's easy to get discouraged by all that's going wrong when it comes to Christianity and the emerging generation. Yet what's going right? In fact, signs of hope are springing up all around. In Faith for Exiles , the author of unChristian and You Lost Me unveils major new Barna research that uncovers what's working--five practices that contribute to resilience. Enter the world of resilient young adult Christians and learn how they are sustaining faith. Finally, you can find hope in all that God is doing among young disciples today.

Caught Between Cultures
In a world where always-connected smart devices and search algorithms educate and entertain, digital Babylon is the new context for discipleship. Faith for Exiles reveals findings from a groundbreaking three-year research study of young Christians whose faith remains resilient even in exile. Barna president David Kinnaman teams up with former executive director of Youth Specialties Mark Matlock to help you:

- Make sense of chaotic cultural changes and respond with compassion to the next generation of believers
- Recognize the biblical concept of exile as an essential framework for following Christ today
- Discover five research-based practices that cultivate faithfulness in digital Babylon
- Prepare young Christians to be on mission with Jesus in the world
- Empower Jesus followers of all ages to thrive in our current exile


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