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  • Where Do We Go From Here?Where Do We Go From Here? : honest responses from twenty-four united methodist leaders

    Slimp, Kevin, compiler.

    Following the February 2019 session of The United Methodist General Conference, many United Methodists returned to their Sunday School classes, worship services and small groups, asking the same question: “Where do we go from here?” In Where Do We Go From Here?: Honest Responses From Twenty-Four United Methodist Leaders, four bishops, several pastors, laypersons, campus ministers, students, general board directors and others share their honest responses to the question, “Where do we go from here?”Voices from the traditional, centrist and progressive viewpoints share their thoughts on where their church is and where it should go from here. Thought-provoking, inspiring and sometimes troubling, this book offers individuals and groups a place to better understand what United Methodist leaders are thinking in this crucial time.

  • The Awakened LifeThe Awakened Life : an 8-week guide to student well-being

    Bollinger, Sarah E and Angela R. Olsen.

    8 Sessions/ This is an 8-week, small group resource designed to teach psychosocial skills and help students build resiliency and foster mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being using mindfulness techniques. Specifically intended to equip chaplains, college ministers, and spiritual leaders, The Awakened Life can help students learn and cultivate spiritual practices that will lead to abundant living despite the anxieties and pressures of college life. Research demonstrates that mindfulness practices contribute to improved mood, concentration, and relationships. The Christian faith tradition has a lot to add to the conversation around mindfulness and draws from a rich contemplative history. With this knowledge in mind, this curriculum teaches students to be more present and navigate emotional disturbance with equanimity by incorporating these mindful practices into their daily lives.

  • The New Testament You Never KnewThe New Testament You Never Knew : exploring the context, purpose, and meaning of the story of god

    Wright, N. T. and Michael F. Bird.

    8 Sessions/ In this 8-session video study, leading New Testament scholars, N.T. Wright and Michael Bird, hope to take you on a tour of the New Testament Story. They will look at who Jesus is, the real meaning of his death and resurrection, and examine the debates and setbacks that they had along the way.

  • Reckless LoveReckless Love : jesus' call to love our neighbor

    Berlin, Tom.

    6 Sessions/ In his exploration of Jesus’ teaching and travels with his disciples, Berlin suggests that Jesus teaches us how to love God with heart, soul, mind, and strength by showing us how to love our neighbor. While many hope to learn to be better family, friends, leaders,and neighbors by finding a deeper relationship with God, what if becoming a better neighbor leads you to that deeper love of God? In Reckless Love, you will consider your life, and learn how loving the people around you will completely renew your faith and give you a new experience of loving God.

  • Consider the WomenConsider the Women : a provocative guide to three matriarchs of the bible

    Blue, Debbie, author.

    Among the mostly male-dominated narratives in Scripture, the stories of women can be game-changing. In this book Debbie Blue looks closely at Hagar (mother of Islam), Esther (Jewish heroine), and Mary (Christian matriarch)—and finds in them unexpected and inviting new ways of navigating faith and life. As she sets out to explore these biblical characters who live and move in places and ways outside of the strict boundaries of tradition, Blue encounters many real life characters who challenge her expectations and renew her hope—a Muslim tattoo artist, a Saudi Arabian sculptor, a rabbi in a Darth Vader costume, Aztec dancers at a feast of Guadalupe, an Islamic feminist scholar, and more.

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